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Plattsburgh, NY (KPBG).

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Aircraft Sales

For aircraft 12,500 pounds or less, we continue to offer quality aircraft brokering at a fraction of the normal cost. With rates going at 2.5% and under, keep more in your pocket and let us take care of the rest. We have been brokering airplanes since 2006 and continue to do so with pride and integrity! Please email us at for more information

Flying the right downwind on Runway 17 KPBG

The Adirondack Aviator's

As part of a grass root general aviation experience, The ADK Aviator's Flying Company has established a social media network for general aviation enthusiasts in the greater upstate NY (North Country), VT and NH areas. Regular updates are posted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please like/follow the pages for regular updates. Thank you.

The legendary Plattsburgh International Airport control tower

FAA Flight Training & FAA Pilot Evaluations

FAA PRACTICAL EVALUATIONS are now available in Plattsburgh, along with the surrounding north country airports. Practical evaluations can be set up by calling us, emailing us or reaching out via our newly re-imaged social media Facebook Page.

FLIGHT TRAINING is currently available at The Plattsburgh International Airport! Private, instrument, commercial & fight instructor all using a C172N. The paint and interior were completed in 2015 and the aircraft is equipped with a Garmin 430 WAAS GPS.

We accept major credit cards!

Flight Instruction Services

We gladly accept VISA, MASTER CARD & AMEX

FAA Practical Evaluations

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We are convieniently located at the Plattsburgh International Airport

Adirondack Coast Aviation

Mailing Address: PO Box 66, Peru, NY 12972, USA



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